Open Letter of Agreement

This open letter of agreement outlines a basic understanding of what a client can expect from Golden Standard Editing and Proofreading (GSEP), and what GSEP expects from its clients. By signing on with GSEP, clients agree to all terms outlined below.

Golden Standard Editing and Proofreading will:

  • Keep all material confidential. No portion of any client project will be published or distributed at any time without the author’s consent.
  • Copyedit a client’s project (or projects) as outlined and agreed upon through a prior, private discussion, be it via email, private message, or other means.
  • Maintain regular updates on projects that take longer than two (2) weeks to complete. Updates are done every two (2) to three (3) weeks, normally on Saturday (sometimes on Sunday). Client will be promptly notified of any delays.
  • Keep rates reasonable and payment options flexible as needed. (Please note: every July 1, rates increase very minimally.)

GSEP clients understand:

  • GSEP editor is thorough and detail-oriented (i.e. very picky) and will not consider “rush jobs” because of the potential for too many missed errors.
  • Client only is GSEP editor’s single point of contact—no one but the author may hold any correspondence with the GSEP editor about an author’s project.
  • GESP reserves the right to adjust the rates of a project should the amount of work increases significantly (see “revision and rewrite allowances” below).
  • Payments are due in a timely manner (i.e. within a couple of weeks) unless other prior arrangements are made.
  • A “kill fee” of 20% of entire agreed-upon rate will be charged for projects clients end prematurely, to cover any editing work already put into the project (see “kill fee” below).
  • GSEP editor holds a part-time day job and is a full-time mom; some delays may occasionally occur.

GSEP strives to work with authors to help develop the best projects possible for the right potential readership; thus, GSEP works with clients on a basis of three mutually reciprocal elements: trust, honesty, and respect. GSEP reserves the right to decline taking on any future projects from clients who breach these three elements.

Kill fee (non-refundable) – 20% of total agreed upon rate if project is/needs to be cancelled by the client.

Return client discount – 10% off any subsequent project $75 or greater.

Referral discount – an additional 10% off any project if client refers an author friend to GSEP.

Revision and rewrite allowances:

These are only allowable within the project’s current allotted time frame; i.e. once the project has been completed and passed on as a whole to the author after the proofreading stage, any additional revisions and rewrites sought afterwards will be charged separately and at the full rate.

Content work: up to one (1) revision on/additions to/content read-through for one (1) project at no charge; any additional content revisions after this will be charged at 25% of the regular content work rate.

Line editing: up to one (1) line edit for new/additional material within one (1) project at no charge; any additional line editing after this will be charged at 25% of the regular line editing work rate.

Proofreading: any additional read-throughs after the initial one will be charged at 25% of the regular proofreading rate.